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Japan’s ‘Flying Car’ Gets Off The Ground With A Human Pilot
We’ve all seen the TV shows and movies where everyone seems to be driving a flying car. It always felt like the stuff of science fiction, but it looks like it’s slowly becoming a reality. In fact, over in Japan, they are inching towards such a future thanks to Japan’s SkyDrive who recently successfully tested a flying car which got off the ground with a human pilot in the seat.

Japanese AI App Can Tell How Good Is Your Tuna Sashimi
When you eat tuna sashimi or sushi, there are some that are more expensive, and some that are cheaper. This is due to the different grades of tuna, where usually higher-end restaurants tend to get the better/more premium cuts, and it usually takes an experienced buyer to be able to tell how good the quality is when selecting the fish.

Japanese Vending Machines Now Come With Facial Recognition Features
Vending machines are pretty straightforward in terms of their use. You put money into the coin/note slot, press the item you want, get your item, and you’re good to go. However, over in Japan, it seems that some vending machines are taking things to a new level by introducing facial recognition systems.

The World’s Fastest Supercomputer Is Powered By An ARM Chipset
There is no doubt some who are doubting Apple’s strategy of transitioning from using Intel’s x86 processors to ARM-based chipsets. Intel’s processors have long dominated the computer scene, while ARM is mostly used in mobile devices. However, if there was ever a case to be made, Fugaku might be a name to take note of.


Apple Watch ECG Feature Could Be Launching In Brazil And Japan Next
One of the newer features of the Apple Watch is its built-in ECG monitoring tool. However, due to the nature of the tool, it requires it to be approved by medical bodies in the countries they launch in. As a result, the ECG tool while present in the Apple Watch, is not enabled for various countries around the world.

You Might Soon Be Able To Taste Foods Shown On A Screen With This Lickable Display
Watch enough food and travel videos on YouTube and you’ll start wishing that you were there yourself to taste and smell the food in person. While we’ve seen some attempts at making smell-o-vision, it seems that in the future, we might also be able to taste foods through our screen thanks to the Taste Display, or the Norimaki Synthesizer.

Japan Is Giving Kids Super Famicom Systems To Encourage Them To Stay At Home
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have been advised to stay at home to help prevent the virus from continuing to spread, and also to help prevent healthcare systems from being overwhelmed. This is quite tough on adults, let alone kids who might not necessarily understand the gravity of the situation.

Japanese Students Attend Virtual Graduation Ceremony By Using Robots
With schools now being closed, it means that for some students, they will be missing out on being able to attend one of the biggest milestones in their lives, which is graduating from school. However, it seems that Japan’s love for robots has paid off because at the Business Breakthrough University in Tokyo, robots were used as avatars by students to allow them to attend their graduation ceremony virtually.

Nintendo Switch Gamers In Japan Can Create Their Own Joy-Con Color Schemes
When the Nintendo Switch was first announced, there were only two color options for the Joy-Cons that gamers could choose from: grey or a red-blue color scheme. The latter was the most popular and was quickly sold out. Nintendo has also since introduced a bunch of different color scheme combos for customers to choose from.

Nintendo Switch Just Passed The Wii’s Lifetime Sales In Japan
When the Nintendo Wii U flopped really hard, many had expressed their concern that Nintendo might be losing it. However, when the Switch launched, it painted a very different story as the console started to gain a ton of popularity and favorable reviews from gamers around the world. It also led to speculation that the console could potentially beat the Wii’s sales.

Japan Has Developed A 10-Minute Coronavirus Testing Kit
One of the problems with testing for illnesses is the waiting period. This can be nerve-wrecking because the uncertainty can cause a lot of undue stress in people. Given the current coronavirus outbreak plaguing the world, we’re sure that there are many people out there who are understandably worried.

Students In Japan Hold Graduation Ceremony In Minecraft
With social distancing measures being put into place, it means that more people are being sent home to work or to study. It also means that large gatherings have been cancelled or postponed, such as school graduation ceremonies. Graduations are a huge part of a student’s life, which is why over in Japan, students have come up with an interesting way around the issue.

This Japanese Smartphone Will Prevent You From Taking Naked Selfies
In this day and age where everyone has a smartphone with a camera, it’s not surprising that many have taken the opportunity to snap a naughty selfie every now and then. However, over in Japan, Tone Mobile has launched a new smartphone in the form of the Tone e20 that apparently will stop users from snapping naked photos of themselves.

Sony Debuts A Remote Control That’s Also A Portable Speaker
The thing with universal remote controllers is that they help cut down the clutter of gadgets around your home. If you’re looking to cut the clutter in your home, then you might be interested to learn that Sony has recently taken the wraps off a new remote control that also has the ability to double up as a portable speaker.