Lion Corp Creates An App That Can Evaluate Bad Breath

#CEATEC2018 – How do you tell if you have bad breath? Most of the time people around us tend to be too polite to say anything, and given that we’re probably used to our own smells, it’s hard for us to tell either. However Japan’s Lion Corp thinks that they might have the solution in the form of an app.

Lawson Shows Off A Robot That Can Make Dumplings

#CEATEC2018 – Restaurants that use robots to prepare food aren’t new, and it seems that over in Japan, convenience store chain Lawson plans to use them as well. Unveiled at CEATEC 2018, the company showed off a robot that had the ability to prepare dumplings according to the customer’s preferences.

Komatsu Unveils Self-Driving Construction Vehicles

#CEATEC2018 – The construction site can be a dangerous place due to all the heavy materials being used, and where slipping up on safety can result in disastrous consequences. We’re sure that eventually there will be a day when we can construct buildings 100% safely, but in the meantime Japanese company Komatsu might have a way to help.

NEC To Use Biometrics To Streamline Security At The Tokyo 2020 Olympics

#CEATEC2018 – One of the ways to verify someone’s identify and a way that is commonly used today is to ask for an ID card. The problem with such a system is that people might forget to bring their IDs, or IDs can be easily faked, and not to mention the time it takes for someone to take their ID out of their bags, wallets, or purses can slow down […]


Despite Nintendo’s Legal Victory, Japan’s Faux Mario Kart Continues To Operate

For those who have visited Tokyo or Osaka, you might be familiar with or have at least seen people dressed in costumes from the Mario franchise driving around the streets in go karts. You could almost be fooled into thinking that this was some kind of official Mario Kart service provided by Nintendo, but it isn’t.

Pixel 3 In Japan To Get Exclusive Cases With AR Support

Phone cases are pretty straightforward and for the most part they’re meant to protect our phones from getting scratched, and in many cases they’re also used to show off a bit of our own personality based on the style of the case and design that we’ve chosen. However in Japan, Google is trying to make a case more than just a case.

Japanese Humanoid Robot Can Install A Drywall

AIST or Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Institute of Japan has made a humanoid robot that can perform simple construction tasks on its own. The video shows this robot, dubbed the HRP-5P, can install a drywall. It’s obviously not the fastest at installing drywall and a human will most certainly beat it at speed but it does get the job done and goes to show that robots will be more […]

Nintendo Wins Lawsuit Against Japan’s Faux Mario Kart

For years if you go to Tokyo, Japan, you will have the opportunity to dress up like popular Mario-themed characters and drive racing karts throughout the city. On first glance it looks like Mario Kart, but upon closer inspection it’s actually known as MariCar. It’s actually been amazing how long the company has been getting away with it, but unfortunately it has come to an end.

Cafe In Tokyo Employs Robots That Are Controlled By The Disabled

Being disabled means that there are certain physical things that you cannot do. This is more than just an inconvenience as it also affects a person’s employability, where for example not being able to walk essentially excludes the person from having a job as a waiter. However over in Tokyo, a cafe is hoping to change that.

‘Breath Of The Wild’ Is The Best-Selling 3D Zelda Game In Japan

It’s safe to say the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the more successful and popular video games in recent years. The game has not only become the best-selling Zelda title of all time, over in Japan, it appears to have also become the best-selling 3D Zelda game, surpassing the Ocarina of Time.

Japan To Test Space Elevator This Month

The first trial of a “space elevator” will be conducted by a Japanese team later this month. They will be testing the technology by sending two miniature satellites up in space. The test equipment has been developed by researchers at the Shizuoka University. It will get a ride on an H-2B rocket that Japan’s space agency is launching next week from the southern island of Tanegashima.

Introducing Ubergizmo Japan!

Our team is excited to introduce Ubergizmo Japan. Most people associate Japan with technology and innovation, and we totally agree! We also have admiration and curiosity for unique Japanese products and technology, and we couldn’t be happier to see Ubergizmo in Japanese.

Japan Enlists Major Companies For Operational Flying Cars

Japan wants operational flying cars to be available in the country in the next decade and for this purpose, it has enlisted some of the world’s top companies that are already working on flying cars. The companies that form part of the group that will receive support from the government include the likes of Uber, Boeing, Airbus, Toyota-backed startup Cartivator, and others. The group will initially be comprised of 21 […]

The Nintendo Switch Is Dominating The Charts In Japan

The Nintendo Switch’s situation compared to its predecessor, the Wii U, is like night and day. Developers aren’t shunning it and we are even seeing developers returning to Nintendo’s platform after a 15 year absence. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that over in Japan, the Switch and its games are absolutely killing it on the charts.