Apple Investigated In Japan Over Alleged Anti-Competitive Practices

Given the popularity of the iOS platform, it’s easy to see how Apple can hold a tremendous amount of sway over developers. So much so that in a report from the Nikkei Asian Review (via AppleInsider), the company might have landed themselves in a bit of hot water as they are being investigated by Japan’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) over alleged anti-competitive behavior.

Japanese Students Use VR To Recreate Hiroshima Bombing

Virtual reality (VR) can be used for entertainment, but at the same time it can also be used for educational purposes. A good example would be over in Japan where high school students have produced a 5 minute VR experience that is meant to recreate the sights and sounds of what it was like when Hiroshima was bombed.

Neo Geo Mini Already Sold Out In Japan

SNK has been teasing the Neo Geo Mini over the past month or so and eventually revealed more information about the system. It confirmed that the system would be released on July 24th in Japan for 11,500 yen which is about the same price as the SNES Classic Mini. It has been available for pre-order and has already sold out in Japan.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Will Be Fully Powered By Renewable Energy

It was announced earlier this month that Japan is going to launch a self-driving car service in Tokyo in time for the 2020 Olympics. The Olympic and Paralympic games will obviously be a major event for the country and it’s aiming to leverage the opportunity to make a positive impact on the way these games are conducted. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic organizing committee is working hard to ensure […]


Uber Launches Taxi-Hailing Pilot Program In Japan

Due to Japan’s laws against ride-sharing services and also due to the ease and fairness of Japan’s taxi system, it’s not surprising that Uber has had a hard time trying to crack the Japanese market. However it seems that Uber might have finally caught a break and has launched a new program in the country, although not necessarily in the capacity you might think.

Physical PS Vita Games Will Still Be Produced For Japan

Recently Sony had confirmed that they would ceasing the production of physical games for the PS Vita by the end of the fiscal year for 2018, which is basically March 2019. Given how old the PS Vita is and considering that there don’t seem to be any plans for a successor, we suppose this did not come as a surprise.

Japan To Get A Special Gold Color Famicom Mini With Exclusive Games

As you might have heard, Nintendo just announced that they will be re-releasing the NES Classic next month. By extension this also applies to the Japanese version of the console, the Famicom Mini. However it seems that given that Japan is Nintendo’s home country, it’s not surprising that Japan will be getting an exclusive version.

Aibo Robots In Japan Get Their Own ‘Funeral’

Sony’s Aibo robots are probably one of the more iconic robots around, especially since they were introduced back in the day when consumer robots weren’t as common or readily available. However just like with real dogs, Aibo dogs don’t “live” forever and over in Japan, it seems that Aibo robots that are “dead” are being given their own funerals.

Lyft May Decide To Enter Japan’s Ride-Hailing Market

Lyft is Uber’s main competitor in the United States but the latter is in a league of its own globally. Lyft doesn’t have the kind of international footprint that Uber does and it’s going to take it a very long time to get to where Uber is today. Lyft hasn’t ever ruled out international expansion and it appears that the company might be looking to expand its international footprint by […]

iPhone X Bug Causing Problems For Suica Users In Japan

When Apple Pay launched in Japan, one of the features is that it allowed users to turn their phones into a Suica pass. For those unfamiliar, Suica is one of several transit card systems that is used in Japan. By turning your iPhone into a Suica pass, it means that users don’t need to worry about bring their card around as long as they have their phone.

HAL Exoskeletons From Japan Will Be Coming To The US

Exoskeletons have a lot of uses, such as helping workers in factory lift heavy objects without straining their backs. It also has medical uses where it can help those who are paralyzed walk again, and for those in the US who might have need of such devices, you might be interested to learn that the FDA has recently approved the HAL exoskeleton suit to enter the US.

Japan’s Real-Life Mario Kart Racing Will Be Coming To Australia

We’re sure that some of you might have seen photos of people dressed like characters from Mario driving around on karts on the streets of Japan (if not check out the video above). While it looks like Mario Kart, technically it isn’t (presumably due to licensing issues) and is instead known Maricar. However if you’d rather not travel all the way to Japan just for it, how does Australia sound?

Chat App LINE To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency Exchange In Japan

Chances are if you don’t live in Asia, the LINE messenger app might not be one that’s familiar to you, but over in Asia, especially in markets like Japan, Korea, and Thailand, the app is huge where there are actual cafes dedicated to the LINE characters that appear in the app as stickers and emoticons.

iPhone X Sales In China & Japan Are Reportedly ‘Stellar’

When the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were launched, initial reports suggested that sales of the handsets weren’t that great. This was because it was suspected that many customers were holding out for the iPhone X and waiting to see if the iPhone X would be worth the premium price tag.