After enjoying the PlayStation 3 for over six years, we’re completely ready for the PlayStation 4 to enter our homes and dominate every free time we have. We’ve been keeping a close eye on its progress, even though we know Sony won’t announce it before Microsoft announces the next Xbox. It looks as though we may not need to wait for their announcement as a report was released today highlight much of what we can expect from the PlayStation 4.

According to a report published on Kotaku, the PlayStation 4 is rumored to have an eight-core AMD64 CPU and an AMD R10XX GPU, although these are currently available in the PS4 developer kits and could change by the time its released to retail.

Other features expected in the PlayStation 4 are improved user accounts which allow multiple Sony Entertainment Network accounts to be signed in simultaneously in order for multiple users to unlock trophies and possibly access multiple cloud saves. The controller is also said to resemble the DualShock, but includes a capacitive touchpad, which we heard rumors about just last week.

Until Sony makes their official announcement, the information Kotaku provides should be taken with a grain of salt as Sony could decide to make changes to the PS4 at any time before it’s officially unveiled.

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