Are you a huge fan of the survival horror genre when it comes to video games? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would definitely be pleased to know that Resident Evil Revelations is headed for the PS3 this coming May 21st. Resident Evil Revelations is said to offer an experience which will be different from other titles in the same series, where it will be a throwback to the classic “survival-horror” style gameplay, and some who are the faint of heart might want to give it a pass. After all, you will spend a chunk of your gaming time exploring dark, creepy areas with little ammunition on hand, relying on your wits alone sometimes, to protect yourself from the horrors that are waiting to pounce on you. Play it at night with all the lights turned off for added effect.

Resident Evil Revelations will focus on Jill Valentine and her partner Parker as they work on tracking down Chris Redfield and his new partner Jessica Sherawat. Apart from the core campaign and co-op RAID mode, there will also be new character costumes as well as new playable characters and features to RAID mode. A more insane level of difficulty known as “Infernal Mode” will also be available just in case you want to challenge yourself. Resident Evil Revelations will arrive in North America this May 21st on a retail disc or as a day-one digital download on PSN for $49.99 a pop.

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