The robot is certainly a useful tool for modern day humanity, as it is ideal for repetitive tasks, and robots do not complain about not getting enough rest and neither do they picket and form a union to ask for higher wages. Well, here is a robot that might just take over jobs in the cottage industry of milking cows, although it might still take a fair amount of time before most farmers and those in the milking industry would take the plunge. According to Kevin Kueker, a third generation dairy farmer, “It’s an automated milking system or robotic milking. Our older facility was getting to the point where something had to be done either spend a lot of money to fix it up or build something new.” Kevin himself moved to robotic milking approximately a year ago.

The whole concept of the robotic milking machine shares a very simple premise – whenever a cow is ready to be milked, all it needs to do is to walk them into one of the prepared stalls. A computer will then scan their ankle chip to identify the correct cow, where a 3D camera then locates the udder. Once that is achieved, the milking process will begin, ending with the cow receiving a little snack, too. It will cost around $150,000 per robot, so in the short term, perhaps a hired hand would be the more affordable option.

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