No longer does a good display and well placed products as well as advertisements do the trick for malls and shops when it comes to helping the consumer part with their hard earned cash Рno sir, today’s customers are far more informed and smarter, so that they know just exactly what to purchase before they even enter a store. Well, the Shopperception system is something else and intends to up the ante on behalf of shops. Shopperception was developed with Primesense, and it places a small 3D sensor above a store shelf in order to capture shopping behavior. This sensor will check out how ordinary folk interact with products, aggregating all of this data in order to come up with a real-time consumer response report.

Basically, there will be a heat map that shows just which products were picked up a lot, and which were the ones that went unloved. This would allow employees in stores to react in real-time to shopper behavior at the point of sale, as well as end up creating a new space for shopper-brand interaction.

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