The Microsoft Surface Pro has already hit the FCC in recent memory, and that can only mean one thing – the tablet is being prepared for a general release Stateside, although the exact roll out date has yet to be confirmed. Still, the latest rumors surrounding the Surface Pro points toward a January 29th release, as that could very well be the date where Microsoft lifts up the curtain on this device, having it appear in store shelves for sale the following day.

Softpedia cited sources close to Microsoft’s headquarters, and other than the rumored January 29th announcement, there were no additional details concerning this tablet. Could this be a cheeky attempt by Microsoft to rain down on RIM’s parade as the Canadian company prepares to bet the farm on the BlackBerry 10 platform at the launch event which is set to happen this January 30th in New York City? Patience, and plenty of it, will again come into play here. Just how many of you are interested in picking up this particular bad boy when it becomes available?

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