Microsoft Releases Windows Defender Antivirus For Mac

If you have used a Windows PC in the past few years you may have noticed a software from Microsoft called Windows Defender. It’s an antivirus software that is available on Windows PC before and it’s moving to another major platform today. Microsoft is bringing it to macOS and also renaming it to Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection as well.

Disc-Less Xbox One S Launch Expected May 7th

There have been reports recently that Microsoft has developed a disc-less edition of the Xbox One S. Players will only be able to get games online as they won’t be able to pop a disc in the console. A new report reveals that the company might be launching the “Xbox One S All-Digital Edition” on May 7th.

Microsoft Has No Plans To Launch Xbox Live SDK On The Nintendo Switch

Last week Microsoft brought its Xbox Live service to iOS and Android devices. This meant that developers who wanted to integrate Xbox Live into their iOS and Android games would be able to. There were rumors that this could be the start of something bigger and that it might even make its way onto the Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft Is Actively Reminding Windows 7 Users That Support Is Ending

Right now Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system, but we imagine that there are probably quite a number of users out there who might still be on older platforms, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8. For those who are still using Windows 7, Microsoft is now starting to remind users that it’s time to upgrade.


Xbox Boss Promises To ‘Go Big’ At E3 Following Google’s Stadia Reveal

Google finally unveiled its much-awaited game streaming service called Stadia yesterday at the Game Developers Conference. Lots of people paid attention to what it unveiled and it appears that Microsoft’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer was one of them. An internal email sent by him following the event has surfaced online which promises employees that Microsoft will “go big” at E3 with its own gaming announcements.

How To Recall An Email In Outlook

We’ve all accidentally sent out incomplete emails, emails addressed to the wrong person, or emails that we probably should have re-read and double checked. Thankfully the ability to recall or unsend emails is a feature that we’re starting to see integrated into more email platforms these days.

SwiftKey Adds Google As A Search Engine Option

While Microsoft might have failed on the mobile hardware front, the company has been making some inroads by introducing their own software and services to other platforms such as iOS and Android. They have also acquired other apps such as SwiftKey, giving them more in-roads to Apple and Google’s operating systems.

DirectX 12 Windows 7 Support Arrives Only For Select Games

DirectX 12 was launched alongside Windows 10 in 2015 and it would have been a pretty big deal had it been supported on Windows 7 at that time. Four years have passed and a lot has changed since then. However, Microsoft has finally decided to take feedback into account that called on the company to enable DirectX12 Windows 7 support. It has done that but there’s a catch.

Skype Group Calls With Up To 50 People Being Tested

The maximum number of people that you can have on a Skype video call right now is 25 but Microsoft is thinking about doubling it. The company is testing an increase in the participant limit for Skype group calls. It will be a straightforward 2x increase with the maximum number of allowed participants going up from 25 to 50. This change has currently been doled out to beta testers only.

Xbox Live Now Available On iOS And Android

A report from last month revealed that Microsoft was apparently looking to bring its Xbox Live gaming service onto other platforms besides Xbox. For those who don’t mind linking their mobile devices to Xbox Live, you’ll be interested to learn that Xbox Live has since made its way onto iOS and Android.

Microsoft Demonstrates Its xCloud Game Streaming Service

Some of you might be aware that Microsoft has been working on a game streaming service of its own. With Google announcing a “future of gaming event” for next week, Microsoft has now provided a demonstration of its Project xCloud game streaming service. Public trials of the service are going to be launched later this year.

Minecraft Coming To Xbox Game Pass Next Month

An Xbox Game Pass subscription provides you with access to a library of more than 100 games that you can continue to play as long as you’re paying for the service. Microsoft regularly adds more titles to the library so that there’s always something new for players to try out. It’s now adding one of its most prized properties to the service. Minecraft is landing on Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft Enables PC Game Streaming To Xbox One

Microsoft is now allowing Xbox One owners to stream their PC games to the console. They will also be able to use a controller to play the games. This has been made possible through a newly updated app called Wireless Display. It lets users play Steam or other games directly on the Xbox One.

Windows 10 Will Now Uninstall And Block Buggy Updates

We’re sure many of us have encountered updates in our software that renders it useless, and depending on how tech savvy, you might be at a loss of what to do when that happens. Thankfully Microsoft is hoping to do something about it in a new feature for Windows 10 where the operating system will be smart enough to uninstall buggy updates.