One of Nintendo’s most popular action-adventure games that involve a hero named Link and a princess named Zelda has got to be its The Legend of Zelda series. Many potential Wii U¬†owners are anticipating news from Nintendo of a new Legend of Zelda title, which hopefully will come at E3 2013. In the meantime, how about we enjoy a fan-made video from Shamoozal and GoNintendo that imagines The Legend of Zelda as a modern-day cartoon.

In “Link’s Triumph,” we witness one of the most iconic moments in the entire Legend of Zelda series which has Link fighting his first boss battle with nothing more than his wooden sword. The concept of a boss battle was nothing new when The Legend of Zelda was released, but boss battles with enemies that took up nearly an entire screen was something no one ever thought of and probably lead to many nightmares.

The animation in the video is done very well and you might even spot a few easter egg sounds thrown into the mix, one of which is Link’s voice when he attacks, which wasn’t introduced until much later on in the series.

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