Analogue is a game hardware company that’s best known for selling the Nt, a modified and beautiful variant of the NES system, and now it has gone one step further. In order to pay tribute to The Legend of Zelda franchise on its 30th anniversary, the company has created a super limited edition version of the Nt that’s decked in 24-karat gold. Only ten units of this Nt will be produced and sold.

For $5000, customers will get a 24-karat gold NES system that’s ten times more expensive than its predecessor that was encased in aluminum but it goes without saying that this looks ten times more spectacular than its predecessor.

Each unit also comes with a gold-colored cartridge of the original Zelda game that came out in 1986 and laid the foundation of this popular franchise.

The unit itself is region-free which means it can play both US NES and Japanese Famicom titles. Accessory ports will enable customers to connect hardware like classic controllers and the NES Zapper.

Customers even have the option to purchase a $79 internal upgrade which adds HDMI support enabling users to take advantage of the system’s digital upscaling feature. The company says this feature optimizes video quality for model TVs with zero signal degradation and no lag.

As previously mentioned, only ten of this Nt systems will be sold, so even if you do have $5000 to burn you might find it hard to get your hands on one as they’ll certainly sell out very quickly.

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