These days, we do seem to see more and more companies take the multi-tasking route, that is, to roll out multi-functional devices and hybrids. Remember the good old days when your mobile phone was just that, and it did not do anything more other than to make and receive calls in addition to text messages? Well, smartphones have more or less rendered the featurephone defunct, and AMD intends to eke out a tiny market space by introducing their AMD Turbo Dock system, which is something that will automatically adjust the performance of an AMD-powered tablet, depending on whether it remains hooked up to a keyboard dock or not.

When in tablet mode, you will be able to enjoy 1080p HD video playback support, 3D gaming capability and a host of other features, but your CPU will not have to run at full speed since changes are you will not be running processor intensive tasks. AMD claims that their Turbo Dock technology is able to provide a boost to CPU and GPU performance by up to 40% whenever it is docked. Will it catch on later this year as hybrid tablets based on the AMD Temash platform arrive? Only time will tell, so stay tuned.

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