Intel May Cut CPU Prices Ahead Of AMD’s Ryzen 3000 Arrival

With the AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation family of processors just around the corner, it seems that Intel is worried about what the availability of Ryzen 3000 processors might do for its own chip sales. A report claims that Intel has decided to cut the prices of its processes by 10-15 percent to make its offerings more enticing to customers from a price perspective.

AMD Reassures That Their Chips Are Safe From ZombieLoad Vulnerability

While Intel and AMD are seen as rivals in the processor business, it’s safe to say that Intel has largely been seen as having an edge over AMD and tends to be the more preferred brand. However, due to the recent security vulnerabilities that Intel has endured, it could give AMD a slight boost to help them gain more ground over their competitor.

Lenovo Announces AMD-Powered ThinkPad Laptops

Lenovo just announced the new ThinkPad T495, T495s, and X395 business laptops, which run on AMD’s second-generation Ryzen processors.

macOS Will Now Support AMD Radeon RX 560 eGPUs

One of the downsides to pretty much all Apple computers is that they lack the ability to upgrade. This is versus desktop PCs where they are not only easy to be disassembled but adding and swapping out old components for new ones is a relatively easy process. However, the saving grace is that at the very least Mac computers now support external GPUs.


AMD Announces 7nm Radeon VII Next-Gen Graphics Card

AMD has launched a new high-end graphics card for consumers at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. It’s refreshing to see a new high-end option from AMD as it has been lagging behind NVIDIA in this segment. AMD says that its 7nm process technology-based Radeon VII card is on par with NVIDIA’s RTX 2080. Yes, it’s the first 7nm graphics chip from AMD.

Blackmagic eGPU Pro Now Available For Purchase

While Apple’s computers have been designed to be very sleek and elegant, the problem with such a design is that for the most part, it makes Apple’s computers very difficult to upgrade. To be fair benchmarks have proven that Apple’s higher-end rigs are more than capable of holding their own when it comes to heavy work, but what if you needed that extra oomph?

Latest macOS Update Hints At AMD Vega GPUs Coming To More Macs

Last month Apple officially released their MacBook Pros that used AMD’s new Vega GPUs. At the moment these are the only Mac computers that are using it. We expect that more of these GPUs will find their way to other Mac computers in the future, and a recent report from Phoronix (via AppleInsider) seemingly confirms that.

BlackMagic eGPU Pro Delayed To December

One of the criticisms of Apple’s computers is that generally-speaking, they’re not upgrade-friendly. This means that you will need to decide when making your order whether or not those are the specs you’ll be okay with using for the next few years. This is versus PCs where you can easily swap out RAM, GPU, storage, and so on.

SMACH Z Handheld Gaming Console To Enter Production In 2019

When it comes to handheld gaming, Nintendo has pretty much that market cornered with its 3DS console, although our mobile phones are also doing a good job of allowing us to game on the go. However come 2019, we might have a new contender in the form of the SMACH Z which is scheduled to enter production early next year.

12 And 24 Core AMD Threadripper 2 Chips Launching October 29th

If you have been excited to pick up AMD’s second-generation processors but didn’t really feel the need for the 32 core model then you’re going to like this. The company has announced that it’s going to launch 12 core and 24 core Threadripper 2 models later this month. They won’t be budget processors by any stretch of the imagination but it would certainly be better than going all out on […]

AMD Launches New 45W Ryzen Laptop Chips

AMD is out with two new processors today. They’re 45W Ryzen chips for laptops which will compete against Intel’s Coffee Lake H series processors that are widely used for gaming notebooks and workstations. The new chips are essentially laptop versions of the four-core desktop-class chips that AMD launched earlier this year. However, they will enable AMD’s silicon to find its way into more portable computers.

AMD 7nm Radeon Graphics Card To Launch This Year

There has been a lot of talk about NVIDIA’s latest graphics cards over the past week and AMD doesn’t want its competitor to hog the spotlight, understandably. The company has confirmed that it’s going to launch the world’s first graphics cards this year based on the 7nm process technology.

AMD’s Next CPUs And GPUs Will Be Made By TSMC

GlobalFoundries has long been AMD’s manufacturing partner for its processors and GPUs but the latter is now going with another contract manufacturer and there’s a good reason for that. AMD has confirmed that its new CPUs and GPUs based on the 7nm process technology will be made by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

AMD Unveils The Radeon Pro WX 8200 GPU For Workstations

Not all GPUs were made equal. While many might associate GPUs with gaming, the reality is that GPUs can be used for other things as well, such as video processing. For those who are in need for a powerful GPU for work purposes that might not necessarily break the bank, the folks at AMD might have something for you.