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New Variants Of ‘Spectre’ Processor Flaws Have Been Discovered
Several years ago, vulnerabilities were discovered with Intel and AMD’s processors known as Spectre. The companies worked quickly to try and fix and mitigate the issues, where they started shipping new models that supposedly addressed the problems, but it looks like Spectre isn’t going away anytime soon.

Microsoft Surface 4 Launched With Intel And AMD Processor Options
When it comes to building computers, we usually have a choice between Intel and AMD. Both have their pros and cons, although usually when it comes to prebuilts, a lot of companies tend to offer Intel only. However, if you’re looking for an AMD powered computer, then Microsoft has you covered.

Surface Laptop 4 Could Sport AMD Processors Across The Board
Intel processors are found on pretty much the majority of laptops out there, but when it comes to AMD, your choices are considerably less. However, that could change with Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Laptop 4 computers, at least that’s according to a report from WinFuture who have leaked the alleged specs of the laptops.

AMD Has Finally Overtaken Intel In Desktop CPU Market Share
For years, AMD and Intel have duked it out in terms of CPUs, although for the longest time ever, it seemed like AMD would never be able to catchup to Intel. However, that hasn’t been the case in the past few years, where AMD’s Ryzen CPUs have actually started to gain more traction amongst users as being a better value-for-money offering compared to Intel.


Apple’s M1 GPU Has Managed To Beat Out Some AMD And NVIDIA GPUs
With Apple’s new M1 SoCs, Apple pretty much ditched using discrete GPUs that are found on some of their previous Mac models, like AMD. While we under that Apple wants to become more self-reliant, there is the question of how good Apple’s own GPUs are in the M1, and how it might hold up against the competition.

Honor MagicBook Pro 16 Is Powered By AMD’s Ryzen 5
Most computers these days are powered by Intel’s processors, but AMD’s Ryzen series has been gaining in popularity in the past few years, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to see more computer makers turn to AMD. Honor is such a company as they have officially unveiled their latest laptop, the Honor MagicBook Pro 16 that is powered by AMD’s Ryzen 5 CPU.

Samsung Might Team Up With ARM, AMD For ‘Killer’ Android Chipsets
When it comes to mobile chipsets, Qualcomm is undoubtedly king. This isn’t to say that they are necessarily the best, but they do have a massive chunk of the chipset market. Samsung is producing chipsets of their own, although benchmarks have shown in the past that the company’s Exynos chipsets simply aren’t up to scratch compared to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series.

Apple Updates Its 16-inch MacBook Pro With New GPU Option
By all accounts and based on reviews, Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro is an incredibly powerful laptop where it can be used for gaming along with photo and video editing while on the go. However, in case you need an extra boost in terms of GPU, you might be interested to learn that Apple has given the laptop an upgrade.

Watch Japanese Curry Get Cooked On An AMD CPU
There is a reason why cooling in our computers is so important. This is because our CPUs and GPUs can run really hot when under intense processing loads, and if temperatures aren’t kept in check, they can get damaged or stop performing optimally. However, in a video uploaded onto YouTube, it seems that someone has figured out a way to leverage an overheating CPU.

Newly-Discovered Vulnerability Could Affect AMD CPUs Up To 9 Years Ago
The other day it was reported that a new vulnerability for Intel’s chipsets had been found, and that these vulnerabilities are essentially unpatchable due the fact it has been hardcoded into the CPU itself. For AMD users who think that they might be safe, think again because that does not appear to be the case.

Apple Could Be Testing AMD Powered Mac Computers
For years on end, Apple has relied exclusively on Intel for the processors used in their Mac computers. However, things could be changing because according to recent code discovered in the latest macOS Catalina beta, it seems that Apple could be toying around with the possibility of using AMD processors as well.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Laptop Comes In Intel And AMD Variants
If you’re looking for a new laptop, most of the laptops you find in the market today are powered by Intel’s processors. However, if you want an AMD variant, you’re in luck because Lenovo has announced their new Yoga Slim 7 laptops that will be offered in either Intel or AMD configurations.

How To Update Your Computer's GPU Drivers
If you have a game that’s glitching or if videos aren’t playing right or displaying properly, there is a good chance that it could be due to your GPU’s drivers being out of date. This guide will show you how to go about updating them manually in case you don’t have automatic updates enabled.

AMD Introduces The Fastest Consumer Desktop Processor Ryzen 9 3950X
In addition to the fastest high-end Threadripper (32-core 3970X and 24-core 3960X) processors, AMD also announced the most powerful consumer-grade desktop processors – Ryzen 9 3950X.AMD’s 7-nanometer Zen 2 architecture is a game-changer to help build this processor.This should be the perfect alternative to Intel’s 12-core i9920X. With all the extra cores (16 cores) and a lower price ($749), it is tough to recommend an Intel processor even for a […]

Intel Discontinues Its Processors With Built-In AMD Graphics
Intel and AMD are each other’s rivals in the processor scene, so a couple of years ago, it was actually kind of surprise when it was revealed that Intel and AMD would be teaming up for a special series of chipsets, where Intel would be creating chipsets that come with AMD graphics integrated into them.

AMD Ryzen 3000 Systems To Get BIOS Update To Fix Linux And Destiny 2 Issues
AMD launched its Ryzen 3000 Series CPUs just last week and systems that run them have faced a minor problem. It was quickly noticed by Linux users that an issue with the newer distributions that were based on version 5.0 or higher were unable to boot. Games on Windows reported having issues with Destiny 2 as well. Both of the issues will need to be resolved through a BIOS update.

AMD Radeon 5700 GPU Prices Cut Ahead Of Release
AMD announced its Navi-based next-generation Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT graphics cards just last month. Many were quick to note that the prices didn’t really make them the no-brainer challenger to NVIDIA’s GPUs. However, merely days before their release on July 7th, AMD has decided to cut the prices of its brand new GPUs.

Microsoft Reportedly Testing AMD And ARM Chips For Surface Products
Microsoft’s Surface products have largely used Intel chips even though the company has used ARM chips for some Surface products many years ago. It might be thinking about a return to ARM and possibly even using AMD chips for new Surface products. A report claims that Microsoft’s relationship with Intel is on shaky ground and that the company is testing AMD and ARM chips for future products.

Intel May Cut CPU Prices Ahead Of AMD's Ryzen 3000 Arrival
With the AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation family of processors just around the corner, it seems that Intel is worried about what the availability of Ryzen 3000 processors might do for its own chip sales. A report claims that Intel has decided to cut the prices of its processes by 10-15 percent to make its offerings more enticing to customers from a price perspective.

AMD Reassures That Their Chips Are Safe From ZombieLoad Vulnerability
While Intel and AMD are seen as rivals in the processor business, it’s safe to say that Intel has largely been seen as having an edge over AMD and tends to be the more preferred brand. However, due to the recent security vulnerabilities that Intel has endured, it could give AMD a slight boost to help them gain more ground over their competitor.