Backblaze, the company that’s sells online backup services, has announced its third generation storage pod with a capacity of 180TB. For all the companies who want a budget solution for their data needs, this can be one option to look at, since the cost per GB is roughly 6 cents.

Backblaze created its first generation storage pod with a capacity of 67TB. Because of success, Backblaze launched the second generation pod with a capacity of 135TB. The latest pod, which is open sourced, comes with 180TB. The pod also sports 3 anti-vibration drive bays, each holding roughly 15 hard drives, support for multiple boot-drives including regular HD and SSD drives and the hird generation storage pod comes with a Supermicro MBD-X9SCL-F motherboard that includes extra features.

The design plan is open and free. In-case something breaks or if someone feels the need to create their own pod, they can do so. This certainly helps in giving small and medium business a choice between cloud storage which is gaining popularity every day and on premise storage. Backblaze does not create the pods itself, and consumers can either create their own storage pods, or ask companies listed by Backblaze, to create the storage pod.

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