robot-tentacleMeet Matthew Borgatti, owner of Sleek and Destroy, where he creates and sells frighteningly stylish jewellery designs. He is now trying to create a fully functional robotic tentacle. Instead of using run of the mill technology, he’s come up with a new way to design and create the tentacle. He’s creating the 3d design in CAD and then is using disposable molds made of silicon filled with wax. The tentacle has hollow bladders within it.Once the tentacle is made, it is fitted with tubes that blow air into bladders within the tentacle. The control system is pretty simple. Air is controlled by a transistor turning 3 solenoids on and off.  This gives the tentacle a fluid motion instead of the usual solid robotic movement. Matthew is trying to create an automated control system, which he believes he will have created in a month’s time. He has also posted the code for his design for the general public to use.

Although the robotic tentacle is in its early design shape and does not seem to have any usefulness, but in the future, this type of design might replace the traditional robotic arm. You can follow the story on his personal blog

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