There is a new wireless dock in tow, which is known as the Dell Wireless Dock that is touted by Dell (of course) to deliver best-in-class untethered docking experience alongside the Dell Latitude 6430u Ultrabook for speedy, flexible connectivity between devices and peripherals. The WiGig standard is being championed by Dell and Wilocity, where it ushers in a new age of mainstream wireless connectivity by boasting speeds of up to 10 times faster compared to normal Wi-Fi, not to mention being able to transmit high quality video streams without missing a beat.

The Dell Wireless Dock intends to spearhead the docking solution market by offering the latest multi-gigabit tri-band Wi-Fi standard (WiGig) which will also be compatible with the award-winning Dell Latitude 6430u Ultrabook, making it the ideal connectivity solution in conference rooms and classrooms, helping usher the world into a new world of wireless connectivity. Expect to pick up the Dell Wireless Dock for $249. [Press Release]

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