A ride with a phone built-in is certainly a set of wheels that target the executive class of working folk, this we do not deny, and with modern day smartphones being far more powerful than ever before, perhaps some of us out there might think that the Voyager phone from Accel Telecom could be a step back to the age of dinosaurs. After all, the Voyager is an Android-powered smartphone that sports car-centric functions which will hope that it remains within the vehicle at all times.

For starters, the Voyager will come with a dedicated Waze launcher key so that it can perform its GPS navigation duties, in addition to having high level noise reduction and echo cancellation, which works just great with hands-free voice activation to let you concentrate on the road even better, despite having to entertain someone else on the other line. Not only that, the Voyager will feature a 3G-WiFi hotspot, a “driver-centric” design with large physical keys, multiple car-focused apps and audio quality that should keep your ears happy. There is no word on pricing just yet, but expect to see the Voyager launched across the pond as well as Stateside in due time. [Press Release]

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