A woman in Manchester (England) rented a digital board to tell her ex-boyfriend that she’s breaking up. The digital board is placed at a petrol station in Manchester, where the ex-boyfriend usually takes his lunch . It appears that the woman was not only angry, but wanted to humiliate her ex-boyfriend as well.  The message on the board read “I’m leaving you for Gary. Your clothes are at your mum’s. I’ve change the locks.” “Sorry to do this on Valentine’s Day. Laura.”

Interestingly Jordan Wilson took a picture of the digital board and tweeted it. Now the picture has gone viral on twitter.  We don’t really know what caused “Laura” to take this course of action against “Dan”. We don’t even know why she would choose Valentine’s Day to do such a cruel thing. Maybe “Dan” deserves it. Or maybe “Laura” is just a really mean woman. This act goes on to show that human psyche is just weird when it comes to relationships. Would you ever break up in such public (and cruel) manner? Have you seen such break-ups before?

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