amazon-logo-largeSecurity can be said to be of paramount importance when it comes to your personal data and private information, and when you decide to upload stuff to the cloud, you would surely be taking a risk that there is a remote possibility of a hack or security breach by outsiders. Of course, it does not help that it has been discovered that when probed Amazon’s S3 servers which hosts their cloud, offers nearly 2,000 unique S3 “buckets” that were left open to the public, and if translated to plain English, these “buckets” carry unsecured passwords, photos and other personal files.

It must be said that Amazon did set S3 accounts to private by default, although these buckets can still be opened to the public manually, or it ended up this way as a misconfiguration. Of course, the issues are no more than user error, but upon realizing what was discovered, Amazon has stepped out by treating this particular matter with a sense of urgency, and has started to warn its users that their files could jolly well be publicly accessible. Hence, Amazon has started to put “measures in place to proactively identify misconfigured files and buckets moving forward.”

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