padfone-replacementThere are heartbreaking moments whenever you dabble in the world of technology, and among them would be having said device ending up “bricked”, or useless, because of a botched unofficial firmware installation or upgrade, or it could very well be a manufacturing defect. Well, it seems that there is a small number of Asus PadFone 2 users who are experiencing issues with their respective devices, as the handset simply shut itself down and refused to switch on anymore.

Apparently, the area where this issue is being observed to happen the most were folks who picked up their PadFone 2 from Taiwan, although there are pockets of users who reside in Singapore who seem to have encountered this rather mind-boggling issue, too. Good to hear that the management over at Asus are well aware of the situation, and they have stepped forward with a statement, claiming that the issue lies with the firmware and the eMMC on the affected devices, and affected users will be able to pick up a free replacement from Asus. If you happen to be one of the affected, kindly contact your nearest Asus support center as soon as possible.

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