There is this primal call where retro gaming is concerned, and if you are one who loves to fire up that SNES or NES of yours from time to time (after blowing off the dust from the cartridge’s contacts, of course), then you would definitely be interested to hear about the GCW-Zero. This is a portable gaming device that was specially designed for playing retro games, where it can handle just about anything up until the time of the original PlayStation. Hardware-wise, you will find a 3.5-inch display underneath the hood, a 1GHz MIPS processor, as well as an open source Linux-based operating system that is known as OpenDingux.

Courtesy of OpenDingux, it allows you to power up a variety of apps on the platform, where among them include emulators for classic gaming consoles. The GCW-Zero is a Kickstarter project that should see the first units shipped to backers sometime this month, while the general public who want to give it a go other than settle for established players like the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS XL, will have to wait until sometime later this May, where it has a list price of $159.

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