Google Engineers Develop System That Lets You Water Your Lawn From A Smartphone

Its amazing what we can do with smartphones these days. A couple of Google engineers have developed an open source system that lets users water their lawns from the luxury of their smartphones. Basically the system can control a home irrigation system wirelessly from the device. Called the Irrduino Project, it was developed by J.J Barrons and Joe Fernandez.

The system has been created using a number of technologies such as Android, Ardiuno, Python, Dart and the Google App Engine. At the core there’s an Arduino microcontroller which allows remote control of irrigation zones at a house. Communications take place over Ethernet and standard html requests, which basically means that the custom home irrigation system can be controlled from anywhere in the world. In a nutshell, one can water their lawn from anywhere they might be, all they need is a web browser and internet. The source code has been made available to the public, it can be found at How many of you would fancy being able to water your lawns using smartphones, from any part of the globe?

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