Texting and driving can be a dangerously potent mix, as your attention is directed to whoever is messaging you at that point in time, with your brain taking some time off from processing information on the road in order to figure out just what kind of reply should you fire away, so it is imperative that there is some sort of failsafe thrown into the mix. Enter the ORIGOSafe, a new kind of device that lays the smack down on texting while driving.

The ORIGOSafe is a tiny rectangular box which will definitely not win any points when it comes to design awards, considering how it seems to hail right out of the 1980s, but it will do its bit in preventing one from texting and driving. In a nutshell, you are unable to start your vehicle without plugging your handset into the device, and once you have started to drive to your destination, you are unable to take it off. Assuming you do, an alarm will sound, where it will alert the relevant system administrator (who could be a parent or other guardian figure). It does, however, allow you to place and receive calls via Bluetooth, and when your parking brake is engaged with the car in an idle position, only then can you remove the $279 ORIGOSafe. How about it, parents?

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