Sweden is well known for what has been deemed to be the “safest car in the world” under the Volvo marque, and who can also forget that IKEA, the behemoth in home furniture and the company that mass marketed the concept of flat packing, is also a hotbed for technological advances. For instance, Penclic of Sweden has just announced their latest computer accessory, the Penclic Numpad N2 that will cater to those who basically are unable to live without the traditional keyboard as well as its numeric keypad on the right hand side.

With the Penclic Numpad N2, it works just as what you see above – plug it into any available USB port, and your notebook or Ultrabook would be endowed with the capability of a new numeric keypad. Of course, you can always “team up” the Penclic Numpad N2 with the Penclic Mini Keyboard, as well as any other keyboard that will deliver users with the function that they require. Thanks to an ergonomic form factor, it allows the user to make use of alternate working positions regularly without batting an eyelid. [Press Release]

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