When the PlayStation 4 was announced, we’re sure a good majority of you went out the following day to your local GameStop to try to pre-order the console, even though no retailer has announced they’re officially taking pre-orders for it. But GameStop’s President revealed in an earnings call yesterday “nearly 900,000 members have already signed up for the PlayStation 4 First to Know List” which helps keep its customers informed on the upcoming console and it also serves as a pretty strong indicator of many people are considering pre-ordering it.

If the nearly 900,000 members is any indication, Bartel is already predicting demand for the PlayStation 4 will outpace GameStop’s supply. “Although we have been given no official numbers by Sony, we do believe that demand will far outpace the supply of this product during the launch window.”

The release of a new game console is always a stressful time for anyone who wants to pick up one up the moment it’s released. I personally picked up my Xbox 360 while I was suffering from pneumonia as my spot on the first page of GameStop’s pre-order list somehow meant I wasn’t able to pick up a console from the store’s first shipment. If you’re planning on picking up either the PlayStation 4 or next Xbox, we highly recommend you jump on your pre-order as soon as they’re available.

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