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GameStop Allows Game Returns For Full Credit Within 48 Hours Of Purchase
A new promotion has been launched by GameStop which lets customers return a game for full store credit provided they do so within 48 hours of having purchased it. This is a challenge many serious gamers would love to accept as they would essentially binge-play the title to complete it before the 48 hours are up so that they can return it for full store credit and do the same […]

GameStop ‘Performance Center’ Will Host Esports Tournaments
GameStop wants a piece of the esports pie so it has teamed up with esports organization Complexity Gaming to open the GameStop Performance Center in Frisco, Texas. This 11,00 square foot venue will be the new headquarters of Complexity Gaming and will be hosting public events that are aimed at getting amateurs into esports.

GameStop Gives Up On Selling Itself
GameStop, one of the largest retailers of video games and consoles, had announced in June last year that it was looking to sell itself. It was said to be in talks with private equity firms about a potential sale after it received interest of being bought out. It appears that a deal was not reached because GameStop has now announced that it has given up on efforts to secure a […]

GameStop Is Looking To Sell Itself
GameStop, a major retailer of video games and electronics, has confirmed that it’s looking to sell itself. The confirmation comes following a report which revealed that the retailer is in talks with private equity firms about a potential transaction after it received buyout interest. Reuters reported that the company has even hired a financial adviser to assist in these discussions. The company later confirmed the talks itself.


GameStop Expects Gamers To Hold Onto Their Nintendo Switch Longer
Sometimes gamers buy a console and later they decide they don’t like it, or get bored with it, or want something else, so they sell it or trade it in. However with the Nintendo Switch, it seems that GameStop believes that gamers will be holding on to the console longer than the competition.

GameStop Delays Unlimited Game Rental Service Before Launch
GameStop announced a new rental subscription service last month which would allow subscribers to rent as many used games as they wanted for a six-month period. All they had to do was pay a flat fee for the privilege. GameStop said that it was going to launch the service on November 19th. However, merely days before the service’s launch, GameStop has reportedly decided to pause the launch of the unlimited […]

GameStop Launches ‘PowerPass’ Game Rental Service
The concept of borrowing videos to take home to watch and returning them later isn’t exactly new, but what about video games? It turns out that GameStop has plans to introduce a similar rental service for video game as the company has announced “PowerPass”, a service that is expected to be officially launched on the 19th of November.

GameStop Confirms Credit Card Data Breach
If you’re someone who shops frequently at GameStop or who might have shopped there recently, it might be time to start paying attention to your credit card statements. In a report from Kotaku, they and several readers have received emails from GameStop informing them that their systems were breached and that information such as credit card data might have been stolen.

GameStop Investigates Breach Of Customer Payment Data From Website
Things aren’t going that well for GameStop. It recently announced the closure of at least 150 stores across the United States and if that wasn’t enough, the company is also investigating a possible breach of customer financial data from its website. Those who made a purchase via GameStop’s website using their bank card over the past few months should pay attention.

GameStop Announces Closure On At Least 150 Stores
Back in the day when you wanted a video game, the only way you could get a video game was to go to a retail store and buy one. This has led to retail stores such as GameStop to flourish where they have been popping up in various countries around the world. However that scene has changed over the past few years.

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Physical Copy Will Be A GameStop Exclusive
Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite will be the latest installment in the Marvel VS Capcom crossover franchise. However the game will only be released in 2017 which means that gamers still have some time to kill. If you’re looking to catchup on older releases, you’ll be pleased to learn that GameStop will be getting an exclusive physical copy of Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3.

GameStop Accepting Console Trade-Ins For The Xbox One S
Are you planning on getting your hands on the upcoming Xbox One S? We know, it might seem like a waste to have two consoles at home since you can only play one at a time, but the good news is that it looks like according to a report from DualShockers, GameStop is currently accepting trade-ins, meaning that you can trade-in your old console for the Xbox One S.

GameStop Enters The Game Publishing Business
GameStop has experimented with game publishing before and it appears to be convinced that there’s a place for it in this market. That’s why the company has announced the launch of GameTrust, it’s a new game publishing division of GameStop. Initially, GameTrust will publish titles from current partners Insomniac Games, Frozenbyte, Ready at Dawn and Tequila Works before working with additional smaller studios to bring their titles out to market.

Get Fallout 4 Free From Best Buy Or Gamestop By Purchasing PS4
Have you been on the fence about purchasing Sony’s current-gen gaming console that has already sold millions of units across the globe? There’s a good incentive for you to put money down for it particularly if you’re into the Fallout franchise, or just want to see what all the hype is about this Fallout 4 game. You can get Fallout 4 free if you purchase a PlayStation 4 from Best Buy […]