Real Racing 3 Downloads Beat Real Racing And Real Racing 2 Combined, EA Believes Freemium Is The Way To GoWhen Real Racing 3 was announced, I personally was a bit disappointed that it adopted the freemium model. Previously Real Racing and Real Racing 2 were paid apps which provided all of the game’s contents for a single price. The freemium model however will most likely result in gamers paying for more than they would normally for a paid app. However as it turns out, my dislike for the freemium model might be in the minority because according to reports, Real Racing 3 has managed to top the combined downloads of Real Racing and Real Racing 2, and all in its first week!

We have to admit that those are some pretty impressive stats, although considering that Real Racing and Real Racing 2 were priced higher than your usual paid app, the fact that it is now free for download probably allowed more gamers to check it out. According to EA’s vice president of mobile and social, Nick Earl, “There’s no question that going freemium was the right way to go […] The vocal minority lashed out at freemium. We respect them and understand, but the market has spoken. That’s just where things are going.” 

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