sensory_acumenWith the graphics in modern games being so realistic, and with a decent audio setup, you might almost feel like you’re “there”, but what are the other ways that one might go about trying to make the gaming experience more immersive? Well according to the folks at Kotaku, they stumbled upon a device at GDC 2013 made by Sensory Acumen. So what does this device do? Dubbed the rather odd and foreboding “Game Skunk”, what this device does is release smells, presumably related to the game that you are playing.

We can imagine that smells such as sewerage waste could be released when playing games that take the player to a sewer, or maybe the smell of alcohol when walking into a bar, or maybe even cooking smells when playing games like Cooking Mama. It’s an intriguing idea although we’re not sure if gamers will appreciate their homes smelling like the sewers. Apart from gaming, it seems that Sensory Acumen is also looking to use this device for therapy purposes, such as for soldiers sufferiong from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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