Xerox is a name that we would more often than not associate with that of digital copiers and photostat machines, but here we are with a system from Xerox that is capable of keeping track of both nurses as well as the medications which have been ordered for their patients. The system’s core relies on a small digital tag which the nurse would wear, and that allows the system to recognize her whenever she enters a patient’s room. All the patient’s relevant medical information will then make an appearance on an in-room display, in addition to any specific data which requires attention.

For instance, assuming John Doe has a particular indicator such as blood pressure that requires closer monitoring, that data will then be highlighted on the display immediately. Not only that, the digital tag enables said nurse to be tracked on the Charge Nurse Overview, delivering where the nurse is at all times. Sounds cool, hopefully it will not be a burden on hospitals when it comes to implementation.

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