3dmark-androidFrom benchmarking computers being a past time of geeks as well as computer performance enthusiasts, here we are with the ever increasing competitiveness of the smartphone industry, where benchmarking smartphones have been the trend for quite some years already. After all, we have moved on from single core processors to dual core, and now quad-core processors are here to stay, although some companies have toyed with the idea of octa-core as well.

What better way to benchmark Android-powered smartphones than to use a trusted name in the benchmarking industry, with Futuremark’s 3DMark Android Edition. This new benchmark tool will allow one to test the mobile device’s performance, while making a comparison with other devices, and these will not be limited to just Android-powered ones, but iOS and Windows devices, too. It seems that the HTC One has proven to be quite the champ to beat in physics-based tests, with the LG Nexus 4 being the existing leader when it comes to graphics tests. We do wonder how the Galaxy S4 will fare when it is finally released.

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