Considering how much pollution we amass on a daily basis with our vehicles alone, you would think having a separate truck to sweep our streets, plow snow and haul away our tons of garbage seems pretty archaic. That’s why designer’s Michał Markiewicz seems like an extremely logical solution to the insane amount of trucks which are currently specific to the jobs mentioned.

Markiewicz’s Multifunctional City Sweeper is one truck that is able to perform the duties of three separate trucks as it’s able to be a street sweeper, garbage truck and snow plower all at once. Considering both street sweepers and snow plowers just sit in a garage until their respective season comes, the Multifunctional City Sweeper could be used all year round as it could sweep in the morning, haul away your garbage in the afternoon and plow snow when needed.

Even as great as an idea as this truck is, we’re sure we’ll still hate to sit behind them in traffic as they slowly make their way up the street to perform one of its three jobs.

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