bioprocessDo you think it to be rather strange that in this day and age where developed countries have practically wiped out hunger, seeing obesity rates soaring, there are still folks out there in the rest of the world who survive on one meal a day, or even less? There is a serious imbalance that we are looking at here, and hopefully, science and technology will be able to address this imbalance. According to TechNewsDaily, a team of researchers at Virginia Tech has recently managed to transform cellulose into starch, which is a process which eventually can be used to hunt down new nutrient sources from plants which were not traditional food crops.

Basically, the team of researchers took cellulose from corn stover-the stem, leaves, and husk of a corn plant, where all of those were transformed into amylose, which is a linear resistant starch that functions as a good source of dietary fiber. This process has been called “simultaneous enzymatic biotransformation and microbial fermentation”. Will it be able to wipe out global hunger? Keep your fingers crossed!

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