iphone-battery-charger-3bee.0000001357933874Are you out and about and your phone is running low on battery? While external battery packs are great in such situations, what do you do when your external battery pack runs out of juice as well? That’s where we guess the Eton BoostTurbine 2000 comes in! Also known as the Crankerator by the folks at Photojojo, this is an external battery pack that not only helps recharge your iPhone, but at the same time can be hand-cranked to allow for emergency juice in times of need. Available in two sizes, 2,000mAh ($60) and 1,000mAh ($50), the device will play nice with pretty much all of Apple’s iOS devices and Android phones and tablets as well,

The Crankerator can be powered by plugging it into a wall to juice up before taking with you on the go, but should the time come when you need a couple of extra minutes on your phone to let friends or family know your phone is about to run out battery, the FAQ reads that cranking the device for about a minute will give you about 30 seconds worth of added battery to make phone calls, send a message or maybe even snap a photo. We doubt anyone would bother cranking it until your phone is fully charged, but if you’re even in the need to work those arm muscles, we guess it’s time to get cranking!

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