Alexander Graham Bell is one inventor whose impact is still felt to this day as the invention of the telephone made it possible to communicate with people around the world instantly by using our voices. Nowadays, cell phones are used as more than just a mobile telephone as we can communicate with others in a number of ways, but without the telephone, who knows how the cellular phone and smartphones would have shaped up to be. So when we heard you can now listen to what Bell may have sounded like when he made his historic first call, we let our ears enjoy the sweet sounds of the 19th century immediately.

Researchers have been able to use 3D scanning in order to read recordings from old wax cylinders, which Bell used in a number of instances. The results of which found a recording from 1885 that contains his voice where we can hear him say, “Hear my voice – Alexander Graham Bell.” Sure – it isn’t an impressive message, but when you realize you’re hearing the voice of the inventor of the telephone back when it was recorded in 1885, then we defy you to not have your mind completely blown.

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