In today’s technological world, nearly everybody has a cellular phone as it’s not only the best way to directly get a hold of somebody at nearly any time of the day, but modern smartphones offer an extremely large amount versatility as they can help us with nearly anything we need assistance with. And if it wasn’t for the first cellphone being created back in 1973, we’d all still be tethered to our phone in the kitchen trying our best to talk to a person of our fancy without sounding creepy to our family.

Today, the cellphone turns 40 years old as its creator, Motorola’s Martin Cooper, placed the first ever call while he was walking along 6th Avenue in New York City. The call went to his rival, Bell Labs’ head of research, Joel Engel. At the time, Cooper was using what was called the Motorola Dynatac, although we’re sure the first phone call was rather short as the battery life of the device allowed for 20 minutes of talk time and weighed 2.5lbs. Holding a phone that heavy to your head for more than five minutes will probably get extremely tiring.

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