IntelLogo1Intel, the world’s largest computer processor maker, does not only come up with the brains of the majority of notebooks and desktops in the world, they have also branched off to different parts of the silicone universe. After all, it is never wise to place all of one’s eggs in a single basket, which was why some years back, Intel did venture into the Centrino range of wireless adapters, where along the way, these have ended up as one of the most highly used wireless adapters by OEM’s in the notebook world. Integrated Wi-Fi capability in a notebook is a given these days, but it seems that lately, many Intel Centrino 6230/6235 users have experience performance issues – no idea on whether the fault lies with the driver or hardware.

It seems that the most common symptom is this – when you first use the notebook, it will be able to hook up to whatever wireless network you have assigned the notebook to without any issues, although problems of disconnection will crop up approximately an hour after use. When you try to reconnect, chances are it will show that the network no longer exists, and one of the main recourse would be the switch the Wi-Fi off and then on again, although this is not a permanent fix as it might run into similar troubles again. Hopefully a permanent solution can be released in due time.

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