iodenimWhen it comes to modern day smartphones, these seem to follow one particular trend, that is, it is getting larger and larger in terms of screen size, and for obvious reasons, too. Of course, this would mean it is rather challenging for you to cram in a 5.5” phablet (or larger) into your pocket, especially when it comes to a pair of jeans, as jeans tend to have notoriously tight pockets. Well, I/O Denim hears you, and decided to offer a different take on the smartphone pocket, by rolling out a pair of jeans that boasts of a looser side pocket, making it a whole lot easier to remove your smartphone whenever there is an incoming call. Of course, there are pros and cons to this, as I don’t suppose pickpockets would have an easier time too, in relieving yourself of your new Galaxy Note 2?

I/O Denim’s effort comes across as a pair of slim fit jeans, where it will carry the company’s I/O pocket. This loose pocket remains around halfway between the hip and knee, where it is capable of fitting in smartphones as large as 4.8” in screen size (hmmm, I guess that rules out my earlier statement of the Galaxy Note 2). Made out of 100% cotton, the I/O Denim jeans arrive only in dark indigo for the moment, where it will retail for $115 per pair.

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