jomiThe earth is covered with 70% water (or thereabouts), and we need water in order to survive, and dehydration is a very real problem for some of us who prefer to get other kinds of liquids in our system to get through a particular day. I know that the rule of thumb says that one should sneak in at least 8 glasses of water each day, which amounts to approximately 3 liters thereabouts, but how many of us actually keep track of the volume of water that goes down our throats anyways? Enter Jomi with a couple of prototype devices that intends to remind us to drink more water.

The two devices would be the Jomi Band and the Jomi Sleeve, where the former is arguably far more simple than the latter, as it will attach itself around a water bottle, reminding the user at pre-set intervals to take a sip. As for the Jomi Sleeve, this gizmo will cling on to the bottom of the bottle, and apart from sending out reminders from time to time, it will also weigh the bottle periodically so that it knows the exact amount of water you have been consuming, sending the collected data to an app on your mobile device via Bluetooth. Of course, you can always cheat by pouring coffee or hot chocolate inside the bottle, no?

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