mealityI am quite sure that those of you who do a whole lot of traveling, especially to the US from overseas, would have had experience with going through a body scanner at the airport, where the folks sitting behind the screen is able to see whether you are carrying anything illicit or illegal or not. Some folks are not too comfortable with their bits hanging for officers to view, but in the name of national security, plenty of things go. Bloomingdales is definitely a whole lot less threatening than walking through a body scanner, although the retail store had installed the Me-Ality body scanners in an effort to help you select a pair of jeans that will fit you snugly.

After all, sizing has proven to be inconsistent across brands, and the jeans department is one that certainly needs a far more precise and accurate fit, which is where the Me-Ality body scanner comes in handy. Billed to be a “digital sizing station”, it sees action in five Bloomingdales locations, namely the 59th Street flagship in Manhattan, Roosevelt Field Mall (N.Y.), Chevy Chase (Md.), Santa Monica Place (Calif.) and South Coast Plaza (Calif.). It takes around 10- to 15-second to scan your body, before matching such measurements against the ones found in in-store and online merchandise.

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