melting-vendingmachineThere is nothing quite like a slick marketing campaign to sell ice to the Eskimos, or sand to a nomad, if you want to pull in some tried and tested proverbs. Well, when summer arrives for those living in countries that have the four seasons taking their respective turns throughout the course of the year, it is always refreshing to get an ice cold drink to keep you nice and cool, away from the sweltering heat. The Melting Machine that you see above is part of a new guerrilla marketing technique which has been specially set up in Buenos Aires by 7Up.

Touted to be a “vending machine” of sorts, it is made up entirely from ice, and would offer a very special way for the masses to obtain a cold drink whenever the mercury shoots up. You won’t need any spare change to pick up a refreshing drink, as patience is the currency of choice. All you need to do is wait for the ice to melt, and the Melting Machine would then allow you to grab a 7Up if you so desire.

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