NASA’s estimates that a manned trip to Mars and back using current technology could take two years. That’s quite a lot for a mission that has never been done before. There’s a new fusion rocket that is going to be built by a research group of the University of Washington. If all goes well, and this rocket is built and deemed to be fully operational, it could send a manned mission to the moon in merely 30 days.┬áThe team has been lead by John Slough.

Over the last few years they have developed and tested various stages of the rocket and now all of that comes together to form a working fusion rocket. The idea is to basically create a fusion process that is capable of generating more power than it is required for the fusion reaction to kick off.┬áThere’s no need of your getting your hopes up right now though, we’re not going to be making colonies on Mars any time soon. It is widely believed that sustainable fusion power may take up to 20 years to become a reality.

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