wiiu_black_1212011826c6i94While some retailers like Gamestop are calling the sales of Wii U “disappointing”, perhaps they might be having a change of heart in the upcoming weeks. According to retail sources in the UK who spoke to MCV, it seems that the sales of Wii U consoles have shot up by an impressive 125% last week. Apparently this spike in sales was thanks to the launch of Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate, combined with retailers like HMV who cut the price of the Premium bundle by £140. Their source goes on to claim that Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate accounted for half of the revenue generated by Wii U software during the week as well.

The spike in sales thanks to Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate was preceded by LEGO City Undercover which while did not have the same impact that Monster Hunter did, helped to increase sales significantly. However in spite of this boost in sales, it seems that the Wii U is still lagging behind when it comes to other consoles from Sony and Microsoft, namely the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 respectively. We guess it also goes to show that not only does hardware play a significant role, but having major titles available for your console, preferably exclusive, will play a role in boosting sales as well. Any of our readers out there who went out to get the Wii U for Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate?

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