dualshock3-metal-usWe have read on our fair share of special edition DualShock 3 controllers in the past, and even the fact that this wireless controller is able to play nice with your Sony Xperia smartphone, but for folks living in North America who have been waiting for the longest time to wrap their fingers around this delicious looking metallic gray DualShock 3 wireless controller, your waiting is not in vain. At all. They will definitely add some life into your gaming sessions, and while an official release date was not revealed other than a teasing tweet, this particular shade of the DualShock 3 wireless controller will roll out in the Land of the Rising Sun this coming June 20th, so a North America release should not be too far away.

Just to refresh our memories, the DualShock 3 wireless controller, regardless of the color that it comes in, will feature Bluetooth connectivity, a comfortable grip, intense vibration feedback, and the intuitive SIXAXIS motion sensing controls. Heck, you can even play wirelessly with up to seven other friends simultaneously, now how about that for versatility?

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