numi-comfort-heightYou know that you are living in a Jetsons world when the porcelain throne that you sit upon each morning comes with a wireless remote control – and even so, that hails back all the way to the year 2010, now how about that? Well, the folks over at Kohler have come up with yet another item for your home’s bathrooms which will offer sheer technological luxury, where it will be known as the Numi Comfort Height. Well, what can one expect from a toilet bowl that costs a whopping $6,000?

The Numi Comfort Height will now be equipped with a USB port (!), which will come in handy when the Kohler technician needs to introduce quicker and newer software updates. Not only that, there is also an integrated Bluetooth receiver that will be ideal to stream tunes while you are busy offloading last night’s chicken wings, and the presence of an SD memory card reader is useful for importing playlists and personalized welcome greetings. Heck, Kohler even threw in an accessible battery pack that allows you to flush in the dark, and ambient lighting is there to ensure you have the coolest toilet bowl in the neighborhood.

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