Play! Allows You To Enjoy Pac-man On Building-Sized “Screen”

pacman-brazilSo, you are rather pleased with yourself that through your years of saving, you finally have the largest TV among the households on your street, and this is not taking into consideration those who prefer to use projectors as their viewing tool of choice. Everything that you watch now looks all the more vivid than ever before, as colors and characters seem to be more realistic and jump out at you. Well, perhaps you might want to change your mind and be humbled by dropping by Sao Paulo in Brazil next Sunday, as that is when “Play!”, the world’s largest interactive arcade game, will be projected right on the city’s cultural center.

“Play!” is best known as an art exhibit that was cobbled together by an international team of designers who wants pedestrians to interact with and take notice of their surroundings, and they decided to fall back on the use of video game classics from the 1970s to get the job done, where among the games on display would be Pac-man, Tetris and a specially modified version of Space Invaders among others.

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