Pac-Man is arguably one of the most iconic arcade games in existence, and while it has undergone various iterations over the years, we think the latest version could be a rather interesting one. Dubbed Pac-Man Geo, this is a new game announced by Bandai Namco that takes Pac-Man into the real world through the use of augmented reality.

According to the company, “PAC-MAN GEO is an action game utilizing the road information of Google Maps Platform. By selecting the scope to be played as a stage from a world map, players can build their game stage in real-time, and encounter PAC-MAN, power pellets, and ghosts. Through this service, players can play PAC-MAN on a real-world map.”

At the moment we only have the description of the game to work with, so it is unclear how exactly it will play in real life, but it sounds like Bandai Namco is hoping that gamers will hit the streets with Pac-Man Geo the same way that many players are walking about in the real world while playing Pokemon GO.

The game is currently scheduled for a release this coming fall where it will be available on both iOS and Android, so you can go ahead and pre-register your interest and be notified when the game does eventually become available.

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