eyebatteryQuickerTek knows that one can never be prepared for all eventualities, which is why a contingency plan is extremely important, especially when it comes to making sure that things run fine and dandy in the event of a plan going awry. Well, with today’s modern day gadgets and computers, there are moments when you actually run low on battery power due to unforeseen circumstances, which is why QuickerTek has come up with the EyeBattery that offers up to an additional four hours of runtime for Retina display laptops.

This new external battery for the Apple MacBook Pro range of laptops will also include models that sport the spanking new Retina display. A couple of models will support either version of the MagSafe connector that are present on different models of Apple’s Intel-powered laptops. The QuickerTek EyeBattery will tip the scales at one pound, and it shares a similar design vision as Apple’s aluminum machined devices. You will have to fork out $300 a pop for the QuickerTek EyeBattery.

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