russian-cosmonautOne thing that Magic: The Gathering will never have would be spacewalkers, never mind that they are full of planeswalkers and the like. Well, there is a 59-year-old Russian cosmonaut who has now broken all records of sorts, as he is the oldest spacewalker in the world as of Friday last week, where he hooked up with a much younger cosmonaut’s son in order to perform maintenance work that occurred outside the International Space Station.


Pavel Vinogradov has been a cosmonaut for the better part of two decades, but unfortunately, he accidentally contributed his bit to the growing amount of space junk that is floating around when he lost his grip on an experiment tray which he was retrieving at the end point of the 6.5 hour spacewalk. This aluminum panel which floated off measured 18” x 12”, and tipped the scales at approximately 6.5 pounds, held metal samples. Scientists were curious to check out how the samples fared after spending a full year in space.

Apart from that glitch, the rest of the spacewalk went on perfectly well, where the spacewalkers managed to install additional science equipment, replacing a navigation device that is required for the June arrival of an European cargo ship. Hopefully Pavel picked up and applied tips on how to sleep in space!

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