As a kid, we’re sure you had a lot of questions as to how exactly astronauts perform their everyday routines while in space, such as eating, going to the bathroom and sleeping. Your inner child is in luck today as one of those questions will be answered as soon as you watch the video above as an astronaut has recorded what exactly he goes through in order to get some sleep while in space.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield recently recorded a video which explains how exactly astronauts are able to sleep in space. Hadfield explains the process of sleeping by showcasing a sleep pod that is located inside of the International Space Station which includes a sleeping bag that is tied to the wall. Hadfield also takes this opportunity to show the world his “space pajamas.”

The weightlessness of space doesn’t require much to be able to sleep as Hadfield says you don’t need a mattress or a pillow as you simply relax your muscles and go to sleep. Your arms will naturally raise themselves, which would result in you looking like a zombie while you sleep. Let’s just hope no one else thinks so or else you could be waking up to some serious trouble.

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