razer-edge-preorder-march-1Razer, the company that not only does gaming peripherals (and they are pretty darn good at that, too), but also churns out a mean gaming tablet, has just announced the availability of Steam integration for the Razer Edge tablet. Yes sir, this would mean that the Razer Edge tablet will arrive with Steam software right out of the box for you to get started with no-frills gaming. Steam has been touted by many to be Valve’s industry-leading software, where it allows gamers worldwide to launch their games faster than ever before, helping cut down on loading times so that they can get to the core activity – that is, gaming, as soon as possible.

The Razer Edge has been specially optimized for demanding gameplay, and will play nice with Steam Big Picture without missing a beat. Steam offers more than 2,000 titles to the end user, and this unique combination of two powers will definitely help seal the deal, or perhaps give the much required push for fence sitters to finally make a purchase decision for the Razer Edge.

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