tapeteSo, you think that you have got one of the best looking carpets in the neighborhood? Perhaps it is time to rethink the traditional, and bring with it a new twist, especially when it has technology written all over it. Forget about the clichéd fabric carpets, or even exotic Persian carpets, you might want to help keep the earth free from toxic waste by using recycled and unwanted electronic components to form a carpet. This is exactly what designer Federico Uribe dreamed up of, where he used old electronics components to form the Tapete.

This particular concept will rely on thousands of discarded computer and other electronics components, offering a thought-provoking piece of artwork, and of course, I am quite sure it is not a carpet that you would relish walking on barefooted, or even with shoes on, and your dog too, would not want to spend an entire lazy afternoon lying down on it. Some of the parts used can be found in most desktop computers, ranging from cables to motherboards, fans, keyboard keys, phone connectors, CDs and heck, why not throw in an old Dell mouse while he is at it?

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