toshiba-e-readerToshiba has just introduced a new e-book reader to the market, although they are targeting the Land of the Rising Sun this time around with the Toshiba BookPlace Mono. This will definitely cater for the budget-minded, as how expensive can a monochrome e-book reader cost to manufacture, anyways? The Toshiba BookPlace Mono is a wee bit smaller in terms of dimensions compared to its BookPlace DB50 reader, where it will sport a 6-inch E Ink display with 758 x 1,024 pixels resolution, chungging away to an 800MHz processor that is accompanied by 512MB RAM, Wi-Fi connectivity, 4GB of internal memory, a microSD memory card slot, and an USB port.

It seems that the Toshiba BookPlace Mono has been slapped with a $100 price tag or thereabouts, where a Benjamin (after conversion, of course) would not only net you the e-book reader, but also a set of books to get you started right out of the box. Come to think of it, how many of you folks out there use a dedicated e-book reader to get your daily dose of reading done?

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